Tangerine sunset is an original modern seascape.

It is hard to imagine life without the sea and its charms, infact my deep love for the sea is what encouraged us to move to Scotland in 2017.

I find the sea endlessly enticing, mesmerising and hyptotic. easy to get lost listening to the rythmical crashing of the waves on the sandy warm shore. This is a playful interpretation of the sea in the evening as the sun set the sea to sleep.


103cm by 103cm Proffessionally framed.


Please contact me at EmmaJLock@live.co.uk for details.

Currently unframed. 

For postage within and outside uk please contact me direct.

Please allow for extended delivery times due to Covid.

Wherever possible quality recyled and sustainable packaging will be used.A limited edition print run will be created from this image in the future.

Tangerine sunset