The second in my series of paintings exploring early, expressive, founding cave art with a modern EmmaJLock twist. Fascinating to give some thought into how we developed as artists of the world from very simple marks to hyper realism leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. Were the simple animals on the fell not enough to tell the story of the landscape? To me it seems these simple mrks did just that but so often we cast astray those simplistic practices to enrich or elaberate our subject. Is it neccessary?

 Following on from 'Elemental' a slightly smaller work 'Flock on Catbells'


80cm by 60cm on artist block canvas. (UF) 


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Currently unframed. 

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Wherever possible quality recyled and sustainable packaging will be used.A limited edition print run will be created from this image in the future.

Flock on Cat Bells-Entered into the RAA Summer Exibition 2021