So I decided to continue with a highly textural acrylic work I started a while ago. This week I have earmarked my studio time for fun, exploration and consideration of who I am as a artist and how this translates into my work. This piece took me back to my childhood, to the beautiful Dordogne in the unique caves of Lascaux which never left my mind. I fell deeply and fundamentaly in love with the simplicity of the mark making. The ability to tell a story unchanged for thousands of years through a few lines of pigment. Inspired by those early artists here is my offering. Based on my sketches of Blencathra. Inspired by cave paintings. Simple, markmaking,connection between the rusty eart, formation of mountains and early man communication through art.


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Currently unframed. 

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Wherever possible quality recyled and sustainable packaging will be used.A limited edition print run will be created from this image in the future.



100cm by 100cm (UF)

Mixed media and acrylic original fine art painting. 

Elemental-Entered into the RAA Summer Exhibition 2001