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All my work is Completely Original. I choose not to produce Prints or copies of any of my work. I wish my collectors to feel they own something completely unique and individual within their home or workspace.​

I try not to comply to the norm or any rules with my painting and deliberately avoid falling into any expected habits with my work. I have gained most of my experience from practicing and trial and error and therefore feel my work is all me and not produced or manipulated by education.

I favour this approach as I believe it makes me unique. Hope you agree as you invite my original paintings into your home or work space.

I hope you enjoy my paintings as much as I have enjoyed dreaming them up and creating them. I will add more as I create them . All my paintings are in Acrylic, Oil, Mixed medium, Unison pastel or Watercolour on canvas or high quality artist paper and are all originals. At the moment I am keeping to selling just original no prints,copies or duplicates. I hope this shows my commitment to producing something special.

I create my pieces in my garden studio where the peach tree leaves reflections on the window and the hanging willow shades the canvas on the easel. If its good enough for Dahl its good enough for me!

I have received recent commissions where customers have asked for a specific size or view to be painted I am always happy to discuss a particular piece in advance so please contact me. International shipping can be arranged.


I remain owner of all copyrights to all my paintings as creator and owner of